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Streamlining the Immigration Process

Immigration forms are complex. Deadlines are tight. The process is filled with anxiety and confusion. With the slightest misstep in the immigration process, you risk significant consequences—delays or even rejection. Notarios or immigration attorneys can help, but they charge steep fees, and money is tight. Yet, you really need to get your Green Card or citizenship.

ClearPath ImmigrationXpress

With ClearPath ImmigrationXpress ™, you can quickly and easily prepare and file the most common immigration forms, petitions, and applications. Like TurboTax™ for immigration filings, ClearPath ImmigrationXpress guides you through the filing process—step-by-step—and offers special guidance to first-time users. All you do is answer a series of easy questions, and the software completes the intricate immigration—AR-11, I-9, I-90, I-94, I-129, I-765, G-325, N-400, W-7, and more—so you don’t have to.

As you go through the process, ClearPath ImmigrationXpress double-checks your answers against the expectations of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services ( USCIS ) to make sure your immigration application is considered in the most favorable light. Based on the information you enter, it helps you with answers at every step.

ClearPath ImmigrationXpress provides everything you need for easy immigration filings. ClearPath ImmigrationXpress :

  • Does the Hard Work for You – ClearPath ImmigrationXpress asks easy questions tailored to you, guiding you step-by-step through the filing process and putting your answers on the right forms for you.
  • Delivers the Best Results Possible – ClearPath ImmigrationXpress checks your immigration filings for common problems and provides tips to help you reduce your chance of rejection or delay before you submit your form to the government.
  • Provides Help and Advice When You Need It – ClearPath ImmigrationXpress provides straight-forward guidance and advice on your immigration filing questions. You get plain explanations of specific immigration areas and helpful examples when you need them.

ClearPath ImmigrationXpress gives you everything you need to file your immigration applications. Just log on to the application on the Web, at a kiosk in a familiar retail outlet, or on your mobile device and answer some simple questions. You no longer need to interact directly with government officials or rely on expensive third-parties—notarios, attorneys, or others—for most common immigration filings.

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