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Turbocharge Your Immigration Practice and Boost Your Profits

Entering data on numerous, lengthy immigration forms by hand. Manually checking each form for data consistency and filing errors. Deciding how to best present data to minimize the risk of a Request for Evidence (RFE). These challenges—and many more—limit your immigration practice.

ClearPath Immigration360

To help you overcome these challenges, turbocharge your immigration practice, and boost your profits, ClearPath Immigration360 ™ automates the complex, manual process of filing immigration forms, petitions, and applications, cutting your preparation time by up to 50 percent. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based ClearPath Immigration360 :

  • Increases Your Application Success Rate – By incorporating all of the reference tables, decision rules, and acceptable attribute ranges used by adjudicators, comparing your data to USCIS expectations, and suggesting alternatives as you complete applications, ClearPath Immigration360 increases likelihood of application success.
  • Helps You Reduce Request for Evidence (RFE) Risk – By offering resolution advice based on knowledge of former Directors and senior career officials of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services ( USCIS ) before submission, ClearPath Immigration360 minimizes costly and time-consuming RFEs.
  • Eliminates Repetitive Data Entry and Improves Filing Accuracy – By standardizing data and applying it across all forms, ClearPath Immigration360 speeds the immigration filing process and reduces data entry errors.
  • Increases Client Satisfaction – Whether your clients are businesses or individuals, fewer RFEs and quicker immigration application approval will yield increased satisfaction with you and your firm.

ClearPath Immigration360 is wizard-based—no-training required. You and your staff can get up to speed in no time. You just fire up a browser, answer a series of questions, and the solution takes care of all the details for you.

Like having a “virtual adjudicator in a box,” ClearPath Immigration360 checks your data against USCIS requirements and expectations as you enter it. Then your clean, accurate data flows to the right places on all the required forms, reducing the chance of RFEs and speeding your immigration applications through the filing process.

The net result is that ClearPath Immigration360:

  • Streamlines the immigration filing process
  • Increases your productivity
  • Reduces your costs
  • Allows you to focus your most important resources on high value activities

ClearPath Immigration360 will help you turbocharge your immigration practice and boost your profits.

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