ClearPath Immigration360

Streamlining the Immigration Process

A perfect solution for immigration attorneys and businesses , ClearPath Immigration360, lets you quickly and easily prepare and file immigration forms, petitions, and applications. Like having a “virtual adjudicator in a box,” ClearPath Immigration360 ™ speeds you through the immigration filing process, offering advice and guidance based on U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services ( USCIS ) requirements.

An effective tool for your everyday tasks, ClearPath Immigration360 is a no-training required, user friendly, wizard-based solution that quickly walks you through the immigration application process, cutting your preparation time by up to 50 percent. ClearPath Immigration360 :

  • Increases Your Application Success Rate – By automatically comparing the information you enter against reference tables, decision rules, and acceptable attribute ranges used by USCIS and suggesting alternatives as you complete immigration applications, ClearPath Immigration360 increases likelihood of application success.
  • Helps You Reduce Request for Evidence (RFE) Risk – By offering resolution advice based on knowledge of former USCIS Directors and senior career officials before submission, ClearPath Immigration360 minimizes costly and time-consuming RFEs.
  • Eliminates Repetitive Data Entry and Improves Filing Accuracy – By standardizing data and applying it across all forms, ClearPath Immigration360 reduces data entry errors and speeds the filing process.

ClearPath Immigration360 gives you everything you need to file immigration applications—you no longer need to manually enter the same information on multiple, lengthy applications, cross-check data between forms, or worry about costly, time-consuming RFEs. Just fire up a Web browser and get to work.

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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based immigation automation solutions from ClearPath Immigration, including ClearPath Immigration360 and Clearpath ImmigrationXpress, harness the power of the cloud to give you everything you need to file your immigration applications.